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Are you looking for mobile car wash service in El Paso? Super Shine Mobile Detailing brings professional car care right to your doorstep. Our team specializes in car cleaning, ensuring your vehicle looks stunning. We're not just cleaning your car; we're rejuvenating its appearance. Our convenient mobile service means we come to you, whether you're at home or work, saving you time and hassle.

Package of Mobile Car Wash El Paso, TX


Car Wash (Exterior Only)

Starting at: $99.99 only
Turnaround: 45 Minutes

This Package Includes

  • Exterior Foam Bath
  • Chamois Hand Dry
  • Wheels Clean & Shine
  • Tire Scrub & Tire Shine
  • Windows
  • Clay Bar & Paint Decontamination
  • 6 Month Ceramic Wax Sealant

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Add-ons in Exterior Car Detailing El Paso

Ceramic Coating El Paso, TX

Headlight Restoration

Price: $69.99

Headlight restoration is a crucial service in mobile car detailing that revitalizes cloudy or yellowed headlights. The process begins with cleaning the headlights to remove dirt and debris. Then, sanding is employed to eliminate the oxidized outer layer, followed by polishing to restore clarity and shine. Finally, a protective sealant is applied, safeguarding the headlights from future oxidation and maintaining their brightness and visibility.

Clay Bar & Paint Decontamination

Price: $49.99

Our clay bar treatment and iron decontamination removes all waxes and surface contaminants to restore your paint and prepare it for paint correction, a deep shine wax, or ceramic coating. This process is recommended to get the best shine and protection for your vehicle.

Chrome Polish

Price: $59.99

Our service meticulously hand-polishes your metals using a premium chrome polishing agent, restoring them to a near-original, gleaming state. This process revitalizes the shine and mirror-like finish of chrome components, such as bumpers, grills, and wheels. By carefully treating each area, we bring back the lustrous appearance and protective qualities your vehicle's chrome features possessed when they were new.

Ceramic Coating El Paso, TX

6 Month Ceramic Wax Sealant

Price: $49.99

Our Premium Ceramic Hybrid Wax Spray is a professional-level ceramic spray coating that is applied to all painted Exterior surfaces of the vehicle. Ceramic provides a more durable protective layer that defends your paint from harmful UV rays that cause fading and makes it harder for road grime, dirt/debris, and bugs to stick to your paint. It also helps keep your vehicle shining longer! Our Premium Ceramic Spray provides up to 6 months of protection.

Buff Bro's Detailing

About Us

Buff Bro’s Detailing, founded in 2018, has rapidly become a cornerstone in mobile car detailing across El Paso and beyond. Our journey began with a passion for cars and a commitment to exceptional service. Based in the heart of El Paso, we’ve extended our reach with our mobile service to over 20 cities, including major hubs like Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as the surrounding areas of Wilmington, Harbor City, and Hermosa Beach. Our mobile operation allows us to bring unparalleled car care directly to our clients, wherever they may be. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer top-notch detailing services with the convenience of mobility, ensuring that every client receives personalized and efficient service. At Buff Bro’s Detailing, we’re more than just a car detailing company; we’re a dedicated team of professionals eager to keep your vehicle looking its best, no matter where you are.

Top Benefits of Exterior Car Detailing El Paso

Time-Saving Convenience

At Buff Bro’s Detailing, we understand your time is valuable. That’s why we bring top-notch car detailing services directly to you. Enjoy the luxury of having your vehicle pampered without altering your busy schedule.

Professional Results

Equipped with the finest tools and products, Buff Bro’s Detailing guarantees a level of care and quality akin to top-notch detailing shops. Trust us to deliver exceptional results that make your car shine.


Experience cost-effective car detailing with Buff Bro’s Detailing. Our mobile service model cuts down on overhead expenses, allowing us to offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Reduced Vehicle Downtime

Since the service comes to you, your car won’t be out of commission for long. You won’t have to leave your car at a shop for hours or days. This is especially beneficial for those who rely heavily on their vehicle for daily activities.

Why Choose Buff Bro’s for Exterior Car Detailing El Paso

Unmatched Convenience and Flexibility

Choosing Buff Bro’s for your Exterior Car Detailing needs in El Paso means choosing unmatched convenience and flexibility. We understand the fast-paced lifestyle of El Paso residents and have tailored our services to fit into your busy schedule. Whether you’re at work, home, or any location within El Paso, our team comes to you, bringing top-tier car wash services right to your doorstep. This convenience eliminates the need for time-consuming trips to traditional car washes, offering you a hassle-free experience that fits seamlessly into your day. With Buff Bro’s, it’s not just about getting your car washed; it’s about providing a service that adapts to your life.

Superior Quality and Detail-Oriented Service

At Buff Bro’s, quality is not just a promise; it’s a standard. Our Exterior Car Detailing in El Paso utilizes the latest techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a deep, thorough clean that protects your vehicle’s integrity. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail – from the gentle hand washing techniques to the meticulous cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Our team is trained to treat every vehicle with the utmost care, ensuring that each car wash session enhances your vehicle’s appearance and preserves its condition. When you choose Buff Bro’s, you’re choosing a team that treats your car as if it were their own.

Environmentally Responsible and Customer-Centric

In today’s world, being environmentally responsible is a necessity, and Buff Bro’s Detailing takes this responsibility seriously. Our Exterior Car Detailing services in El Paso are designed to be eco-friendly, using biodegradable soaps and water-conservation techniques. We’re committed not only to making your car look great but also to protecting our environment. Moreover, our customer-centric approach means we listen to your needs and preferences.

Other Car Detailing Services We offer in El Paso

Exterior Car Detailing

This service focuses on deep cleaning the Exterior of your car. We clean and condition upholstery, carpets, and all Exterior surfaces, removing dirt, stains, and odors. Our attention to detail ensures even the hardest-to-reach areas are cleaned, leaving your car’s Exterior looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Full Car Detailing

This comprehensive service goes beyond a standard car detail. It includes meticulous Exterior and Exterior cleaning, polishing, and waxing. Our team focuses on every detail, from cleaning air vents to polishing dashboard surfaces. Mobile Car Detailing is ideal for those who want a thorough refresh of their vehicle, ensuring every corner shines, both inside and out.

Ceramic Coating Service

Our Ceramic Coating Service in El Paso offers a premium protective layer for your car’s paint. This nano-ceramic coating not only enhances the paint’s gloss and depth but also provides a durable shield against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and minor scratches. It’s a long-term investment that keeps your car looking newer for longer, reducing the need for frequent waxing.

Car Paint Correction

This service targets imperfections in your car’s paintwork, such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. Using advanced techniques, our specialists meticulously buff and polish the car’s surface to restore its original shine and smoothness. It’s ideal for revitalizing older paintwork or correcting damage from everyday wear and tear.

What Our Customers Say

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Our Recent Car Detailing Work in El Paso

Locations We Serve

In El Paso, our mobile car detailing service covers various neighborhoods, making it easy for residents and business owners alike. We understand that your time is precious, which is why we offer flexible scheduling to fit your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re a busy professional in need of a quick car wash or a family looking for a comprehensive auto detail El Paso service, we’ve got you covered.

Frequently Ask Questions

FAQs About Mobile Auto Detailing Service

How often should I get my car detailed?

For regular use, every three months is optimal, but it depends on your vehicle’s exposure to dirt and weather elements.

Do I need to provide water or electricity?

No, our mobile units come equipped with all necessary supplies, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Are the cleaning products safe for my car's paint?

Absolutely, we use high-quality, environmentally safe products designed to protect and enhance your vehicle’s finish.

Can you handle large vehicles or fleets?

Yes, we offer services for RVs, large vehicles, and fleet services.

What's the difference between a regular wash and a detail?

A regular wash focuses on the Exterior, while detailing covers deep cleaning, both inside and out, with specialized

Can I schedule regular service intervals?

Certainly! We offer packages that can be tailored to your needs and frequency preferences.

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